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How do I arrange the registration transfer of my vehicle?

On the collection day, after payment and on presentation of the invoice, you will receive the registration certificate so that you can arrange the registration transfer. In most cases, you can arrange this at the nearest post office. There is no transport service to the post office from BVA Auctions. We can, however, provide you with directions to the nearest post office.

There are fees associated with a transfer of registration. These costs are your responsibility and must be paid up front during the transfer.

Note: we recommend that you check the opening hours of a post office in the area before coming to collect a car.

Once the transfer is completed, you can return to the location to collect the vehicle.

Tip: If you have paid before the collection day and subsequently requested the registration codes, you can transfer the vehicle registration before you collect it. You then only need to hand over the proof of registration transfer and can take the vehicle immediately.

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