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What does a home delivery auction entail?

Auctions with 'Free delivery service' can be recognised by the 'Free Home Delivery' logo (see image under). This logo can be found on the auction information page, if applicable. Please find below the step-by-step procedure for payment and delivery of the lot(s).


Step 1 - Receipt of invoice

If you are the highest bidder, you can find your invoice in your account on the first working day after the auction closes. The invoice gives the delivery address which is recorded at BVA Auctions.

Step 2 - Check your details

The address on the invoice is also used as the delivery address. Please check this address carefully! Is your address incorrect? Go to 'Contact details' under the heading 'Personal details' on your account and change the delivery address.

You can also change the address on a one-off basis. Proceed to 'Contact details' under the heading 'My invoices'. Then click on 'Service page'.

Please note: you can only change your address details when the invoice has NOT yet been paid.

Step 3 - Payment

Simple and safe payment via iDeal

When you log in to your BVA account, proceed via 'My details', at the top-right of the page, to 'My invoices'. On the right of the outstanding invoice you will find the 'Payment button'; when you click on this, you can simply pay via iDeal.

Payment via personal bank transfer

You can also transfer the invoice amount to our account at ABN AMRO (also stated on the invoice): In the name of:: Stichting Derdengelden BVA Auctions Payment reference: your invoice and customer numberIBAN: NL35ABNA0491548788BIC/SWIFT: ABNANL2A

Step 4 – Home delivery

We work with two delivery methods, namely parcel service or delivery by appointment. The delivery method for each lot is described in the lot description. More about delivery methods:

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