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How do I search for lots and/or auctions?

If you would like to know whether a specific lot (item) is offered in the auction, you can look this up on our website. There are three ways of finding a lot or auction on our websit

1. Using the search bar

At the very top of the website, on the homepage, you'll find the search bar:

If you're looking for a bicycle, for example, you type the search term "Bicycle" in the "lot search" field. All open lots that match the criteria will be displayed. Not satisfied with the search results? Insert the symbol * in front of the search term that you're using. This will display all open lots beginning with the word "bicycle"

2. Under the "All auctions" tab

In the menu at the top of the website, you'll find a button labelled "All auctions". If you click on this you'll be taken to a page where all auctions can be found. Here you can navigate through various options as shown in the images below:

If you've selected "All auctions", you'll see the following appear:

Current auctions: all auctions currently open.                                                                             Soon to be auctioned: all auctions opening soon.                                                                         Closed auctions: all auctions which are already closed and which have not been collected yet.

Tip! Use the "Map" option on the far right of the menu to view the nearest auctions.

3. Using "current categories"

The third option is to search for a lot using "overview of categories" at the bottom of the website. If you click on that, you'll find "All current categories". In this way, you can find the lots we are offering.

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