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Can I reject my lot on collection day if it does not meet my expectations?

You can also immediately return or leave the purchased lot on collection day without a reason. Keep in mind, however, the length of time for which the collection day is open. Once you've returned the lot, a form is filled out for it in order to send it to the head office.

The full purchase amount will be refunded to your account within 14 days. This means you will receive back the bid amount, auction fees, and any VAT. It is not possible to give you the cash amount immediately on the collection day. This, of course, can be done only if you have withdrawal rights on the lot and if you have a personal account.

Note: If you fail to take the lot without informing us, you are in default. This means your account may be blocked.

Note: If the form is not filled out on site, no refund can be arranged.

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