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Where can I find the main menu with my lots?

After logging in, you will find your lots in the upper right section where your name is shown in blue. Clicking here expands the menu. You will then see a heart with 'My lots'. You will also find your highest bids and whether you have been outbid.

The main menu for my lots looks like this:

You can keep track of all your bids and favourite lots in 'my lots'. Here you will find your list of all favourite current lots, lots already closed, lots that are about to be opened and the reminders you have set. All lots on which you have already placed a bid also appear here. If you click on 'my lots' with the heart, you will be sent to the main menu of your lots.

In the picture below, you can see a heart and a clock to the upper left of the image of the lot. If you click here, the lots will appear in the main menu of my lots.



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